Dustin: keep your head up!

Dustin, while I am happy for Charles, I happy for him as he has had a long path to the top as you have and I am happy he is now gonna get his respect.

But your path has also inspired the whole sport and has everyone’s respect. Win or lose, you come out hard, come out to win, always give the other guy a lot to handle and always come back harder and wiser.

You are truly an inspiration to MMA and to your community.


bro you know Dustin doesnt visit these forums right, Dustin is a luckbox who lucked out twice against Conor. He’s still the same fighter who got ko’d in the 1st again Conor

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sad troll attempt. Conor is the men’s version of Rhonda Roussey

Absolute legend.

Has a case that he’s the second best LW ever. Will get another title fight before it’s over. Hats off to both men. Legends.

I told Dustin what OP said since he didn’t have time to login and post yet and he wanted me to pass along a message:


Dustin is a warrior but we saw what a superior grappler can do to him.

The 67% of people that thought Poirier is the best ltwt right now must not know much about Oliveira and Makachev lol

Charles wore Dustin down with heavy loads of striking in r1 tho. Islam wouldn’t be able to do that. But his TD ability is stronger too….