Dustin Poirier and Ricardo Lamas

 neither of these guys are getting much love but both have looked very good since dropping to fw. That's the 2nd brilliant finish that Lamas has had in a row and Poirier looks solid every time out. I think Poirier is higher up the ladder so a match up between the two doesn't make sense but can't wait to see where both go from here.

 OP - You are right on the money.  Poirier looks better every time.  A lot of people on here picked Garza and I neve rgave it a thought. Poirier is a beast!

What can I say about Lamas?  The training at  Miami Masters paid off?  Cub is a very dangerous fighter and we saw what happened.

Very interested to see these two in their next fights and very proud Lamas is a fellow Cuban-American!

That fight was sick and showed some killer grappling. Phone Post

Super impressed with Poirier. Future title contender for sure. Love to see him fight Eric Koch. Phone Post

 ttt fos some underappreciated studs who need more love. Btw here's some Lamas gifs for your time.

GoodnightWorld - I absolutely loved Rick's nasty sprawl on Grice in that fight. Rick feels like a HW when he gets on top of you (which is all the time if your wrestling is as good as mine) and now his striking is looking super crisp.

 plus he's great to watch and always improving. Can't wait to see both of these guys next fights.