Dutch HW prospect Stefan Struve

This kid is 16-2 and just went to England and choked out BJJ black belt and Wolfslair head coach Mario Neto. Definitely one to watch. I couldn't find the Neto fight online, but here are his last couple of fights before that:



And ... nobody cares.

Can I at least get a bluenamer to embed the links?

Struve is a lanky dude with a dangerous ground game. Definitely a promising up-n-comer.

not bad at all. how tall is this kid?

He's 6'8" and weighs around 220. He debuted as a teenager and I believe he just turned 21.

Hopefully a video of the Neto fight surfaces soon, it sounds from the recap that it was a pretty exciting fight with a lot of back and forth grappling exchanges.

Been following his fights on Cage Gladiators. He's an exciting young fighter for sure. Im looking forward to seeing him fight again.

I have him well into the top 50 at heavyweight in the world. He's at a Carwin level as a prospect and just needs to get a big fight.

Struve/Imes, perhaps?

TTT for the lanky dutchman.

Struve just got signed by the UFC. He'll debut at UFC 95 in London

source: www.fighttalk.nl

For real? Just call me Nostradamus!!

google translator says so :)

He's only 21 I think he'll gradually put on weight with time. No need to try to pack on 30 pounds of muscle in a hurry, especially when your game is predicated on a lot of guard mobility.

Damn, I'll keep my eye on this kid