Dylan Spicer on TUF 13?

Here's a name to potentially look out for as a possible cast member in the forthcoming season..

Spicer is 7-0. Six of his seven wins have come by way of submission and he hasn't had a fight get past the first round since his pro debut in 2004. Further, his last four fights have lasted an average of 1:16.

On the ground, Spicer's jiu jitsu is disgustingly good and on that alone, he's someone I see going far on the show, and a guy the UFC could build up through it.

He currently owns and runs The Academy of Combat Arts in Fargo, North Dakota; where Pablo Garza and Dane Sayers train.

He's also trained with Brock Lesnar in the past at Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts Academy, and usually they'll have at least one or two fighters trying out for the show that one of the coaches has familiarity with.

I've got no base behind this, but it seems like a real possibility that Spicer could be one of this season's cast of welterweight hopefuls.


 What's his BJJ lineage?

Gracie jiu-jitsu purple belt under Greg Nelson, Ishmael Bentley and Pedro Sauer of the Rickson and Helio Gracie lineage.

 Very nice.

The cast of welterweights should be good. Heard on the grapevine there might be a couple of UK guys in there...

Fight! UK Online - The cast of welterweights should be good. Heard on the grapevine there might be a couple of UK guys in there...

It wouldn't stun me in the slightest to see Eugene Fadiora on there. 9-1, with his only loss coming to Gunnar Nelson.. He's a pretty talented kid who would also be a good addition to the show.

Eugene is a great fighter, but that's not who I heard. I promised secrecy but it's gonna come out soon enough anyhow!

i got one of my guys on next season as well...

yea the secrecy thing ....tell ya later...

Beech, you can be honest with us.. You're pulling a Wes Sims and posting from the house :)

So is the full roster already set??

I think so, they began taping already IIRC.

I thought taping was the 26th?

I could be wrong, thanks for the clarification!

Yep, Galvao did try out, as did Louis Taylor.

If they go with the 28 man format, there's no damn reason why Galvao shouldn't have been part of the show.

Dylan is a brown belt now.


Ishmael - Dylan is a brown belt now.


Thanks for filling me in.

Was going off what they had on the website.

Brown belt is even more impressive. You guys only hand out to those who merit it.