Dynamic BJJ DVD on sale for 1 week

My analysis DVD, Dynamic BJJ, will be on sale for 40% off the regular retail price for 1 week. This sale begins May 17 and ends on the 24th.

For a review of this DVD, check out http://www.whitebelt.org/x2_jen_dynamic_1.html

For a general description, video preview, and to order online, go to http://jenbjj.com/Merchandise/DBJJ.html

The merchandise page has the regular price listed, however, once you click on the order button and are taken to the shopping cart, the discounted price will be given.

Get it. It's one of the most unique and interesting 'instructionals' ever made. Just watching all the little details black belts like Moreira, Nacimento, Jen, etc. do in their matches is highly educational, and having Bolo give commentary and slow/mo highlights etc. (as an option) builds on that exponentially. WhiteBelt.Org Review! Get it now!


This video was not designed as a highlight film for pure entertainment. The goal was not to show flashy cool looking stuff. The goal was to show the games of 4 different black belts and how one of them used his simple personal style to dominate the other three. If you are looking for entertaining techniques being done then it would be best to look into the highlight videos by onthemat.com, Marc Laimon, or bjjtapes.com.

Also the video footage taken for the this DVD was not orignally intented for the making on any instructional video or even for the general public to see. This was just footage taken for my personal use and enjoyment, however, I thought I would share it. Personally, I don't know of many black belts who would let a person film training that happens behind closed doors. Had we set-up the the grappling match with the intention for people to see, I think the footage would have turned out differently. For example, in JJ Machados' video, he grapples his students at the end. I can tell that some students, such as Eddie Bravo, were not going 100% and playing their "A" game against JJ.

this is a cool dvd.

you pick up on a lot of pointers. its one of the few instructionals that focus on theory.

What I like about this DVD is Bolo and Joe use the techniques that they teach.

whiskey9, that is what impressed me too. Nothing flashy, just solid stuff used by black belts on black belts.

This sounds like a great deal!

It is. Really good info from a unique DVD



I enjoyed it. Just keep in mind it is not a technical instructional as much as it is a STRATEGIC instructional.