Ear Guards

Does anyone sell ear guards for grappling, also how comfortable are they to use?


i hated wearing mine but now my left ear is jacked...

Cheers, ill look at getting myself one to protect my ears.


As uncomfortable as they might be, you'll get used to them. Better to put
up with a little initial uncomfort than to have magled ears for the rest of
your life.

Damn straight!

Hey, some of my heroes have really messed up ears!

Cauliflower ears are HOT. Enough said.

I've ended up with two spare 'Infinity Enforcers' )http: //tinyurl.com/lnhqj ) black, unused in original packaging. My other one I use whenever my ear is sore, and it gives 100%protection, but is vented very well so doesn't get too hot or block sound. email me if your interested in them kingabiu@yahoo.com.au


Email sent to you, please check!


From: tassiemmaloser

Cauliflower ears are HOT. Enough said.

personally, ive always seen them as a badge of honour.