Early picture of Tank & Tito

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Another early picture of Tank at UFC Ultimate Japan.

I wonder how that version of Saku would've done against those versions of Randy and Frank.

Sakuraba via double wrist lock

I have asked and never gotten a response.

I have heard claims that Tank was an NJCAA all american wrestler.

Is this true?

Ive been close to the sport for a long time particularly the southern cal scene. I’ve never heard he was an all american. But definitely savvy in wrestling. He started as a kid.

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Check Cypress Jr College.That`s where he went.

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Ortiz??? These look like white folks to me

It is claimed on wikipedia.

I believe it.

A 18-20 year old tank was probably a maniac and freak athlete.

California Junior College wrestling is the same season as Football oddly. It also ends at our state tournament and not at Njcaa so for whatever reason they give AA certificates to our top 6 jr college placers in state.

So it’s possible he was an All American at Cypress but I am Not sure because he may have played football instead. He definitely wrestled in High School. His Dad was a jc Football coach though so I would assume he balled.

I see him at the gym from time to time so I’ll ask him when I get the chance

Yeah,Tank played high school football.He also lost in high school wrestling to pro fighter & forum member Tim Lajcik.

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Heh, I remember the days where that picture was CURRENT on here. Before even I(!) was posting. HA!

Yes and this is what is largely
Missing now. Back then you had specialists fighting specialists …it would be Gracie bjj vs sambo or Greco Roman wrestling vs kickboxing. Sure, these fighters were learning the other disciplines but they stuck to their primary style. These days you have guys that are so well trained across all styles that it kills the intrigue .

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I found the first three years of grappling and the first year of fightsport in one of my storage totes and scanned the article the pics are from. This is from the second issue of fightsport.


You`re amazing with the old school stuff De Braco.I also had that picture on the far right at one time.

Thanks for posting.

Titos head before hgh
So much smaller


Indeed, as big as a watermelon now.

This was the kirik article i mentioned from the same issue as the tank pics.


So Kirik actually has writing skills.I thought that he copy & pasted or had someone using his account on alot of his threads.

Infamous Baron/ Rogan urinal story?

Never happened.

What was supposed to have happened?

Supposedly Rogan and Quadros got into a altercation in a bathroom & Quadros lit Rogan up.It was a rumor for years and years.Rogan was shown on the PPV broadcast with two black eyes & rumors started that it was because Quadros gave them to him,when in reality,it was probably Rogan that had recently had deviated septum surgery that caused them.