Early UFC on FOX ratings

TV Ratings Saturday: '48 Hours Mystery' Knocks Out 'UFC on FOX' on Slow Cinco de Mayo

FOX won a slow Cinco de Mayo in adults 18-49 with its broadcast of a UFC fight, while CBS was number one in total viewers.

The latest UFC on FOX bout scored a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49.

On CBS, 48 Hours Mystery was the night's top rated show among adults 18-49, earning a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, up from last week's 0.9.

On NBC, the finale of Escape Routes scored a 0.3rating among adults 18-49 matching last week's performance.

Broadcast primetime ratings for Saturday, May 5, 2012:

TimeNetShow18-49 Rating/ShViewers (millions)
8:00FOXUFC: Miller vs. Diaz (8-10PM)1.0/42.25
ABCShark Tank - R0.8/33.19
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles - R0.7/34.31
NBCEscape Routes (finale)

9:00CBSPerson Of Interest - R0.8/35.71
NBCThe Voice - R (9-11PM)0.5/21.97

10:00CBS48 Hours Mystery1.3/46.69 


Wow awesome. Phone Post

Glad to see UFC on FOX defeated such power houses like Shark Tank... What time did the Mayweather/Cotto PPV start at that probably had a lot to do with it. Phone Post

UGCTT_Mexicant - Glad to see UFC on FOX defeated such power houses like Shark Tank... What time did the Mayweather/Cotto PPV start at that probably had a lot to do with it. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

PPV started an hour into the UFC on Fox card but the main fights didnt start till after UFC was over.

Its probably more hockey and basketball playoffs, lack of big names on the UFC card.

ratings are down significantly from FOX 2... guess that is to be somewhat expected with the lack of star power on the card, but would have been a great card for new fans...

Card was perhaps lacking in star power but that was a great card, a shame that not more people got to see it.

Not much advertising, no heavyweight main event or big names, and it was cinco de mayo! Still, pretty low numbers, UFC still has a lot of work to do. They need their next Griffin vs Bonnar to happen on Fox.

Their ratings are down partially because ALL ratings were down due to Cinco de Mayo.

Don't take it as a fail with all things considered, although I'm sure the previous star-power helped a bunch on the prior cards.

I am not from the States so my viewpoint on this matter might not hold a lot of relevance because i can cannot compare the programming that well.

That being said these numbers really worry the hell out of me. Any sane person would agree that the first two shows on Fox where pretty much a disaster. There where some decent fights (like the Hendo Guida fight) but they did not get the attention the warranted while the fights in the spotlight bombed.

Now you may say that the lack of star power and the national holiday Cinco de Mayo effected the card but those are in my eyes just excuses that try to ''hide'' the structural problems. The UFC on Fox is just not delivering the ratings so far.

This might not have major consequences in the short run because the contract is for such a long time but i do believe it will have an impact on the people running the sport division (can you imagine a new team getting in their that does not recognize the potential of MMA or have a bigger problem with the control Zuffa wants then the current team) and the showing of the UFC on FOX main channel.

You would hope that this card (which was a pretty good card) gets some new people watching through word of mouth but in my eyes both the fights (unfortunately because it is hard to account for some fights bombing)and the marketing/pr (from what i been able to gather from afar) has been lackluster.

The UFC should have made a big smash to pull in new fans of the sport and make it more mainstream in character (that's what the whole FOX deal was about). They missed the momentum in my eyes and with how television executives work in the States i worry a lot if things keep going on this downwards slide (both TUF and the UFC shows on FOX getting rating that are not only far from the hope for target but showing a progressive slide downwards).

If this continues fox will find a way to pull out. Fox don't fuck around with poor ratings. Phone Post

If I DVR it how does that count for ratings? Phone Post

Ummmm, Shark Tank actually beat the UFC there Mexicant. By a million viewers. And that was a repeat edition of Shark Tank.