easter eggs on EddieBravo DVD

Anyone know how to get the easter eggs on Eddie Bravo's DVD??



I don't even know how to find the easter eggs, I'm an idiot.

Grapplekaun? Where are you with those easter egg directions?

"Here are the ones I remember off hand:
There are two in the screen selection menu.

Hightlight "Thick and Meaty" wait a minute and a skit will show

Highlight "Bravo/Royler Match" wait a minute and you get an instructional

In the bonus section with the dots:

Go to the third dot(maybe fourth) and select it, then go to the very last do on the third row and you get an instructional.

Same thing go to the third/fourth dot and select the third/fourth dot on the top row to get a skit.

In that same room make the dot disappear to get another skit.

That should be a little help I hope."

From Jroc