Eastman Lutter???

Just watched this in sluper slow mo..The Punch maybe glazed him, Didnt look like it even touched him

Watch the fight again though his head and neck don't budge. just weird

Indeed weird but there was hardly anything at stake with either fighter for it to a "WORK!"

Didn't say it was a work. Not at all. Just weird knockout.

With the exception of that one punch, Lutter has shown little in his entire time in the octagon. He might just not be suited for MMA.

Speaking of, what is Terrell doing? It's been like 8 months and three cards have gone by since his last UFC fight, and I haven't heard anything about him being on the next card, either.

I overestimated lutter. I won my biggest bet ever on him over Eastman. The guy is a BBJ stud. I'm mean, easily one of the best American BB's. I've also heard good things about his boxing training, and he is a big 185 as well. He was my sleeper to make an impact in the division and I've been very suprised on his last two fights. Very disappointing. I doubt the UFC will invest much more faith in him. Not only is he losing, but he is not as aggressive as he should be with those sub skills.

To me, he's the classic example of a great grappler who has not made the transition to MMA. I hope things change for him and he continues to improve. He's a really cool guy and a very good teacher.

Marvin was out for a minute or so afterwards.I was talking to Travis afterwards and he said the fight was not too bad and his leg hurt a little bit from the kick he took to thorw the punch he threw at Marvin.Everyone saw Marvin was out for a little while so the people who claimed it was a work are retarded.

OK.... I never said work.. I said Weird. In other words.. Why did that punch ko him???? week chin? his neck didnt move. and in K1 his chin has been suspect. IMO he cant take a meat ball.

I don't think his chin was suspect in K-1. He took some huge shots from McDonald and Sefo and he kept coming. Eventually, McDonald put him down, but the Sefo fight had a kind of questionable ending, due to Marvin losing a contact lens. I think that Lutter's punch was just one of those quirks of physics and biology colliding.


It was a fluke and it was the softest punch I've ever seen knock someone out.

retard I didn't mean for it to call you retarded.I ment it for the actuall retards who thought it was fake.

Def. weird but a punch is a punch, a ko is a ko.

But, yeah, def. didnt look threatening but neither did that lead hook of Liddel's on Randleman.