Eastman Pro Boxing Debut

Good to see Pulver now Eastman getting exposure. good luck to him this week.

Wiggins vs. Bryant II in Vegas
One of boxing's fastest-rising promoters, Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing, will return tomorrow night (June 26) for yet another sellout show, this time at the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event is a rematch to an exciting 2002 ESPN2 fight between heavyweights Robert Wiggins, 18-3-1 (11) and Derek Bryant, 17-2 (14). "I'm looking forward to this main event," said DeGuardia. "Robert has trimmed down, he has a renewed dedication and mentally he is 'there' now more than ever." Bryant won the first encounter via a cut after an entertaining slugfest. In the co-feature, tough super welterweight Andrey Tsurkan will take on durable trialhorse Joshua Smith.

*****On the undercard, UFC competitor Marvin "The Beast" Eastman will make his pro debut as a boxer against Willie Broadie in a heavyweight four-rounder. Also scheduled are Monika Nunez (vs. undefeated Shelly Burton) and one other fight that is still TBD. The main bouts of the show will be broadcast via tape delay throughout the Tri-State area on New York Cablevision channel Metro at the end of July. "I'm exited to be here, I think the fights will fit right in with the Silverton, which has 'old west' theme and these fights will reflect that theme because these are some rugged guys that have come out west to fight," said DeGuardia.

Great news! Jermemy Jackson just got his pro boxing debut as well. Its set for July 3rd.

good luck

Marvin Eastman willn't go far at all. Why you ask? B/c of that massive gash he recieved from The Phenom. I've seen women's gashes not that large. I still laugh my ass off every time I see that.

Marvin will do well as a boxer. He has been working on his boxing for years and it is next to impossible to even see the scar from his fight with Belfort.

You don't need to see a scar for it to split. Going against a skillfull boxer it will get split or just one head butt. If it opens up just a little bit he doesn't stand a chance. It is in a HORRIBLE spot. His defense can't be that good. Even Delahoya or any boxer for that matter gets split sometime and if he gets a reputation for that not many fights will be signed for him. If he ever fights a southpaw the fight is over b/4 it starts heads will collide. I am rooting for him along w/ my neighbor Pulver but they don't stand a chance against top competition.

I really like the Beastman as an MMA fighter. As a boxer I think he is too bulky and to "jacked up" to have much success. He's always twitching and moving fast as hell. I predict he will be openmouthed by the end of the 4th.

Of course if it's only a 4 rounder..