Easy money

ODLH is +180, put your money on him now. He will win by tko, he will have a good 15 lbs on Mayweather by fight time and Floyd has never faced anyone with his power and ability to "close the show". Not to mention its Cinco de mayo and 80% of the crowd will be a bunch of drunk latinos giving Oscar that extra boost he needs to pull it out.

I agree. Easy money.

I didnt say energy boost, I said that extra boost meaning when you got the whole crowd cheering you on it can help elevate your performance.

I got him at +220 2 weeks ago

+220? to win? wow. nice

^ lol

I bet Oscar while ago.  While he's justifiably the underdog....the #'s to high.   PBF -120 to -150 is what I think # shoulda been. I think Oscars  got good shot of winning. My wagers average to about +195.