EC 93, Quincy IL, 4-19

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The card will be sent to Jesse for the website early next week..Stay posted to


great city name, imo.


thanx judo this is my town as in i live here.

I live in a constant state of Quincy myself..


WOW! the ticket prices are pretty fucking good, I just may check it out man!

who did robinson win that belt from??

Kalel Robinson fought Justin Demoney for the interim title...Chris Mickle is in the National Guard and serving our country over seas....When he returns, Mickle vs Robinson will take place (depending on time line of course) The 155lbers are stacked in Extreme Challenge now also....

And yes the ticket prices are very good for the quality of the show...This venue and city is one of my favorites to visit and I have been all over the entire country watching shows and promoting shows in the last 11 years....I always enjoy the fights and the fans in Quincy....

Agreed Chad, Quincy is awesome. The venue, crowd, and local fighters never dissapoint.


chad get in touch with me sometime about fighting for you in the future..Andrew Varney SPROUT


you need to get Dan Almeida in that show!!


hey chad...hope u can put dan on the card..i like the venue as well...i know he wants to fight their..thanks bud:)

ttt for Chad

SPROUT, send me your info and I will see what we can do...

We have 12 confirmed fights on this card now...The pics and details will be on the site soon...stay posted