ECFA "Colosseum" June 17-Worcester

In case you didn't hear, we finally secured a venue that embraces MMA, and on Friday June 17 The East Coast Fighting Alliance presents "Colosseum" at the Worcester Palladium. Doors at 6:30, fights at 8:00.

The venue is awesome! If you guys haven't seen the place, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Over 200 floor seats, a balcony that sits (in actual seats...not standing room) about 800, a great VIP section, and a ton of room in the standing general admission area. The best part, there are different levels for the standing people, so if you're late, and get stuck in the back, you still have a great view, as you'll be higher (I mean standing on a platform that is higher than everyone in front of you, in case some of you stoners didn't get it...) than the people in front of you.

Some floor seating is still available, but very limited. Unless you know a fighter with tickets, if you want floor seats, you'll have to try at the door, as I'm not sure what we'll have when the fighters return tickets.

The general balcony ($45 tickets) are the first 4 rows of the balcony, and are now seated. Those seats are great, and I highly recommend those, as you'll have a great view of the ring.

Also if you want $35 tickets, which are now either standing general admission on the lower level, or seated in the balcony, you ca get them either at the palladium box office, or at For some reason they have us listed as "Mix Martial Arts for the Worcester Boys/Girls Club". It looks funny, but that's us.

Girls from Centerfold's are confirmed for the event, a ton of great vendors, an awesome raffle to benefit the Worcester Boys/Girls Club. The prizes are even better than last time, and we're still working on a few surprises...I'll keep you guys posted.


Tickets can be purchased here


Cannot friggin wait.

Sweet, what's the fight card?

Same as before...we lost a couple, but we are adding a couple...we'll post the updated card as soon as it's finalized.


Funny timing - I live in CA but am from CT, and my wife and I are going to be back east during that time, only about 35 minutes from the venue!

Hopefully I can make it, great job on this one!!!

There will still be a day before weigh in, which will be held at "The Office" in Boston at 5:00 pm, thursday June 16.



This is great news.

Hurry up and get your tix but don't bother paying for a whole seat cuz you'll only need the edge!!

popa-are you bringing the little girls that recently graduated from highschool? If they graduated, they must be legal...right?

Are they fucking coming or what?

careful....see thread about Levine!!!

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Any further questions should be directed toward my attorneys. Thank you.

Do we get a discount if we only buy the edge of a seat?

"Do we get a discount if we only buy the edge of a seat?"

this coming from the guy that only donated $2.50 to more than one bracelet you cheap shit!!!!1

Huh? I paid three bucks for mine.

You've been skimming off the top, Rick!



You must have missed my comment on the other thread, greg. I was busting balls about you only having 1 bracelet when you asked for a new one...I then asked if you pitched in with 3 friends to get the 4 for $10, and save 50 cents each.