ECI 5 -Oct.20th, Huntsville,AL


Huntsville, AL

VBC South Hall

Friday night Oct.20th, 2006

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205  Pro against Josh Hall from Huntsville, AL orig.

Pay is 5/5 for $1,000 purse against Josh Hall who is an 0-2pro.

Concidering this is a last minute deal, hotel, gas, and/or plane ticket, depending on how far and final purse will be upgraded.

Anybody interested, please call Scott 256 479 0878

Show is on Friday, Oct. 20th, this next weekend!

4 pro fights on the card, looking for somebody to step up! sorry about the last min. thing. That will be taken care of in pay as well, there are alot of sponsors wanting to see this guy fight.  If anybody can step up to the challenge please call me at 256 479 0878

Any 205lb please step up, and ECI will totally take care of your stay, the purse is negotiable, 6/4 is the absolute highest i can go, Josh is 0-2 as a Pro, but a town favorite who has sold over 100 tix so far!

Thats a 1,000 purse and $100 to anybody who can line somebody who knows somebody to fight Josh Hall at a pro weight 205lbs.
plz call
256 479 0878

ttt for results