ECI Fight Card 4/20???

Does anyone know of the full fight card for the ECI fights coming up this friday?



All I know is I can't wait to watch DJ Watkins do what he does best!!!

Is that fight still on? I heard Ivey's camp backed out (could be a rumor, who knows)... was the guy DJ supposed to fight one of Ivey's guys?

go to the ECI board - Johnathan posted that because of the falling out between him and Valentin that Scotty chose that fighter over his entire team and as far as loyalty goes - it didn't.  So he trashed the belt and he and his team are out of ECI.

Ivey does have 5 fighters on our card.

later, lawdy

heard Valentin beat Sanderson in less than a minute via armbar.

Andy Roberts lost BAD to Jerrett Becks.

Daniel Griffin tapped to Travis Hinton - punches to the head in about 30 sec.

all I know so far.  lm

DJ Watkins keeps his undefeated record now at 6-0, winning in the first round via triangle choke. I'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE SECOND ROUND BITCHES!!!!!

saw these on ECI website -

mandown | 21 Apr : 08:38
It was a good show but like Hanna123 said the ref's were horrible. That was some scary reffing and will lead to someone getting hurt very badly. But overall the fights were very good. WAR DRAGONWOLF!!!

Hanna123 | 21 Apr : 06:55
Great show! Need new referee! He did't know what he was doing. He has a job and he did't do it.

makes you wanna go hummmmm.  later, Sally

Congrats DJ.  later, lm

congrats dj!!how did glenn seigal do?

I heard he lost but not how or how long.  lm

I think Glen got caught in a triangle.