Eckford Wins Boxing Fight

Well done eckie legend is the only word that springs to mind

Woohoo!!! Congrats to Matt!

Cobras... details??


Who did he fight and where?



congrats matt!


thanks guys! - sorry i couldn't drink at your party mate, but i heard you had enough for the both of us :)

for those who are interested had my my first amateur boxing fight at Chambers Flats on Saturday night. fought a guy from Techniques boxing gym Redcliffe with a 0-1 record who was 84.5kg. i weighed in at 80kg but there was no light heavy weights.

went the three rounds with a split decision at the end.

Good result Matt.

drop me an email pls


Well done, Matt!

Congratulations Matt!!!

You the man Ecko!

good work

ttt for the pencil thin moustache

wow good job!

thanks again everyone for the support

gremis one word man haircut

two words - eat me

The vitor look is really hot right now

Well done Gremis! What was the format for the fight?

3 x 2min rounds.

Well done Gremis