Economy Gi?

I am a no gi submission grappler, and would like to take traditional classes. Where can I get a reasonably priced gi on a recently married(which means im pretty broke) budget? I think I will only need a Kimono, since i had a pr of pants given to me, and dont care if its new/used/returned. I also might have a problem finding one that will fit. I am 6', 275 lbs. Any help? makes nice cheap gis.

If your on a real tight budget i would advise getting a judo gi. They work fine for jujitsu and are alot cheaper then jujitsu gis.

Judo is cheapest gi if you want a shorrt term solution....althought the wider sleeves make it easier for your opponent to control you.

I would look into HCK's unbleached single; it will be probably the highest quality gi you can get for the money. I had a bleached version of the same gi, and it lasted for around 2.5 years until Aaron LaPointe (Carlson Gracie black belt) tore it the first day I wore it to that academy (crazy grip on a guy that light!). If you can afford it, I think this should be the gi you order.

Almost every company has a single weave. Check the prices. Don't overpay for a single weave (unless it's the HCK competition single, which is superior to any gold I've owned or seen); after all the bells, whistles, and patches/ribbons, it's all essentially the same thing. In fact, don't overpay for any gi.

You should also consider summer weaves. I'm not sure about other companies' gis, but Atama's summer is essentially the same material on the pants and jacket. One of my training partners bought one, and it turned out to be a pretty good gi. Atama has great quality, especially for the price. Other companies make summer weaves, but again, I suspect they're all essentially the same thing.

Consider entry level Judo gis. You can get them for incredibly cheap if you look. My instructor sells "Choi Bros/Sun" to his beginning students. You won't get the same fit from Judo gis, but they do fine. Judo gis tend to be on the whole more expensive than BJJ gis once you get out of the lower price points.

Also search Ebay and this board for newer gi companies. Many times, they sell single weaves for cheaper than normal market prices to get their names out there. There was a company a few months back called "Warrior One" or something. They were selling gis for incredibly cheap on here and on ebay. You might check with them. Sirius gis, Zillium gis, and Na Guarda have all come out recently. Check in with them.

Don't let anyone on these boards promise you the world with a gi (and they do.. I've been reading these forums since 1998). Get something that will last you for a decent duration given the frequency you plan to train (if you're going once a week for gi, no need to shell out $120 for a gi, but if you're going to train 3-4 times per week, maybe look past entry level Judo gis).

I hope that's informative.



in the long run, it'll outlast any other gi, and be worth every penny

I carry a bunch of diffrent brands of gis and I think for the money you can't beat HCK.