Ed Fishman, Pride US rep?

Does that name mean anything to anyone?

Ed Fishman, the president of Pride USA. He was at the Real Deal.

Oh shit!! Good to know, thanks much. Okay, what's the latest word on Pride going under?

Nothing. All the Japanese bbs and news sites are citing the Frank Trigg quote from Beatdown. In the comments of one of these blogs someone explained that Frank Trigg was not the president, but rather Ed Fishman was. That is the only time i've seen his name come up in the last few weeks.

All this information is really rather new on the Japanese bbs, and they are very skeptical of it all.

funny that a guy called "Fishman" is the representant of a japanese shady

A lot of the recent information has been translations of sherdog message board posts.

Here aer some basic comments from boutreview.com and blog.livedoor.jp/nhbnews .

Mirko Leaving! PRIDE for sale? So it seems... but I hope it is not true (crying)

I hope next year there is a television broadcast of the New Years Eve show!

Next year is coming so we should just wait and see.
Could it be possible that Mirko is going to the UFC?

Why not Gomi vs Hansen?

(removed Japanese because it didn't show up)