"Ed Herman=Best n World on Ground"

As Ed Herman walked to the Octagon, Mike Goldberg referred to him as one of the best in the world on the ground.

That reminds me of UFC 15, when Bruce Beck quoted old UFC matchmaker Art Davies as saying that the two best fighters on the ground in the world were Rickson Gracie and...Vitor Belfort.

" As Ed Herman walked to the Octagon, Mike Goldberg referred to him as one of the best in the world on the ground."

I guess MacDonald is a god then for beating him, lol. 


I was very impressed with Herman today...very focused and improved...best in the world is being quite facetious though...

lol at Goldberg comment.

Did Joe Rogan slap his forehead after hearing it?

I was pretty disappointed to hear Goldie make that comment too.

Some of the things Goldie and Rogan say to hype the fighters up is ridiculous.

I thought Smith's guillotine looked really, really tight...


the question is, did he say it backwards?

ed herman the best in the world is he

Ed dominated that fight.

He also called Travis Lutter "the Michael Jordan" of grappling. Now, Lutter is VERY VERY good grappler, but the "Michael Jordan of grappling"? That just doesnt even exist(rickson could be argued though)

Then who would be the Mike Tyson of ice cream cake? :)

lmao wtf "michael jordan of grappling", he got choked out by the law come on now.

Goldie sticking his foot in his mouth, that's practically unheard of!!

LOL at Herman being the best on the ground. He was threatened with a guillotine by a guy who has weak ground game.

Congrats and props to Herman for winning, though.

C'mon Gabe, quit trolling.

We all know who the Michael Jordan of grappling is :)

LOL! That was funny. I see THAT person as the Lebron James(as a player, not his team). The next coming and incredible gifted grappler. But the "Michael Jordan of grappling"? Think of what Jordan personifies, he is what every other basketball player is STILL put up to. Greatest EVER. Brought basketball to another level and made Chicago marketable. The BIGGEST money maker for basketball EVER. His shoes STILL sell like crazy

Ill say this. Marcelo is INSANE and one of those grapplers that I REALLY enjoy watching. One of the coolest guys, and it was crazy seeing the crown follow his matches at Abu Dahbi, but the is NO ONE in grappling(or mma for that matter) who holds the "michael jordan" role

Hey,are you guys coming back to quest?

"Hey,are you guys coming back to quest?"

I probably wont be able to sneak away from the family for a bit of time...but for MG, I'm not sure what he has planned for his future MMA training.

I'm hoping he goes back ASAP!

Well, you know you are both welcome anytime

welcome back gabe!

"Well, you know you are both welcome anytime"

Thanks! Come visit NYC too!