Ed Herman in TUF3?

Sweet baby jeepus! Is it true?

185ers need to be scared.

Ray! I am soooo happy today to find out Ed Herman is goign to be on TUF3!

Ed "short fuse" Herman!

Ray, when you tella women you will call her, you better call her, and I don't mean in a few months.

You probably broke her heart you bastard!

It may be too late Ray. I don't know what to tell you. I spoke with her last night and she cried her heart out to me.

You're a bad man.

Ed Herman will not let season 3 be a sleeper series.

Oh, In that case I don't know where she is. Send her an mma.tv mail.

Oh how I have dreamed of this day! Now Ed will be in TUF3 and the UFC!

Dear Randy, Hendo, Ah-Lah, and the baby jeebus...thank you.

I dunno what to tell you Ray. Women are a mystery.

Why don't they just give Herman the contract now?