Eddie Alvarez should be in the UFC.


Only 3 decisions in 24 pro fights. He has beaten some very tough fighters. How is he not being courted by the UFC?


 Yep! Eddie needs to be in the big big show!

 Of course he does.. in time.



 He's got a year and 2 fights left.

Bellator's owners (hedge fund called plainfield asset management) are liquidating and returning all investor capital by june 2012 and likely shutting down operations thereafter.  

Zuffa could pick up Bellator now fairly easily, but with Arum and the Cullinary union using their political power to sick the ftc after them it's not likely gonna happen.

Bellator will need to find new investors or they wont be around in a year.  Unless viacom decides they want to stay in the MMA business on spike after the UFC non compete expires Bellator is dead.

He should be in the UFC, so talented, unfortunately Bellator Champion contracts are like selling your soul to the devil. Plus, he's making good money there.

He'll be in the UFC eventually. Hopefully soon. He's a beast. Phone Post

Shinya Aoki made this guy tapout and squeel.

Suppose he wont fight Frankie though?

Yes bring alverez vs Melendez Phone Post

Wasa-B - Suppose he wont fight Frankie though?
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard him in an interview saying that they both would fight eachother if was for the belt

Eddie and Frankie both said even tho they train together they would have no problem fighting each other bc it's just business. There is a video of this interview if anyone has it. Phone Post

I'm sure he could be if he wanted, but he's happy fighting lesser competition. If he joins the UFC and Edgar is champ, I'd bet Frankie would move down.

He needs to Phone Post