Eddie Bravo and Royce Gracie (pics)


Picture of me and Royce fucking around in Vegas for the UFC

Royce and me at the UFC weigh ins

Me and Royce raiding Rogan's mini bar

Royce and I smoking weed in my hotel room in vegas

Royce is up $57 on the slots and the night is young as fuck!

Royce a little tipsy making his move


i think that is supposed to be royce

i think that is supposed to be royce

I thought it was Machida's dad!

 Thats funny as hell!!

it's ok.

I loved the slot machine pic! LMAO!


Aw, I just passed my four year anniversary. =)

We should all smoke for that!! Meet me at Dr. Kush on the Venice boardwalk in an hour.


 That was Awesome!!!


 Hoys-eee Graysee... I beat a hee.. I choke a hee out. Rick-a-son Graysee? He stay inside de house.

pure awesomeness.

the small joint.... fuckin awesome. lmfao.


lmao funny shit

GTFO that shit is funny.

you are such a nerd.

 "UFC Weekend Flashback" w/Royce (Shockingly Royce loves titties more than ass!)"

"UFC Weekend Flashback" w/Royce (Royce negotiating with Dana White about a rematch with Ron Van Clief)

"UFC Weekend Flashback" w/Royce (Royce getting drunk as fuck!)

"Trying to convince Royce that clinching&squeezing is better 4 ur clinching&squeezing than yanking&pulling"

"Royce drunk tweeting like a muthafucka in Vegas"

"Joe Rogan asking Royce about the Ron Van Cleif rematch rumors"