Eddie Bravo Teaching?

Where is Eddie Bravo's school located? Thanks.

7327 Santa Monica blvd Hollywood Ca. Call information and ask for the Bomb Squad boxing gym.

I live in Canada, so I'm waiting for the DVD's to come out. How are they coming GS? Any release date?

I am not sure how far along they are buddy. I am in Switzerland right now and I havn't been around L.A. for a couple of months now. I have been pressuring Eddie to put out an instructional set for a while now but he is protective of his students! Hopefully he will get them out and make some money. He has been training professionaly for 10 years and its time he gets some return!

damn... well I can understand Eddie even though I want to learn some of his ninja techniques. If I had a whole game of unorthodox techniques that no one else can do, I'd keep them too myself, ttt for eddie bravo

Eddie plays a bizzare game. I had the chance to roll with him at a seminar... very weird. He doesn't move around much, he impliments a slow torture game. In the end, I got twistered:)

He's totally hilarious. Ask him about his babysitter when he was 11 if you get to train with him Bob Henry.

me thinks he is hooked up with the onthemat guys

i think his set is being made right now and due out this summer. $150 for a six dvd set he said.

ttt for eddie bravo's dvd set

Eddie Bravo rolls like a little girl...

But I still tap when we roll.

What does that make me?