Eddie whats your thoughts on this choke?


blue name to post the vid


tried, obviously there is more to it than that.
I'm gonna try this choke tomorrow night


 Very similar to what Hughes did to Almeida.

 Looks totally legit, gonna inject that into the system asap  :)

Another version taught by Tony Desouza


2 min. in

that was a great clip by josh barnett and tony desouza.

They both provided me with some new ideas.

thanx for sharing guys

That's pretty sweet. It's basically a (no gi) clock choke from the front!

 I have the original Schultz headlock tape on VHS and I do not remember that being on the tape.

The secret of the Schultz headlock in the grip position.   The Schultz headlock is a stealth move.  They were choking guys into near unconsciousness without the referee being able to tell.   They would then pin the guy. 

I will pull out the tape and look, but that is not the Schultz headlock that I know and use.    It is all about the grip and the position of the grip on the throat.   

That may be on tape, but I will have to look.

4 lata Phone Post

 I posted the details on a thread in the Anaconda forum.





 I think it is pretty sweet.

 Nice, gotta give that a try.