Edgar: Aldo trying, failing to talk like McGregor

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                                Edgar: Aldo trying, failing to talk like McGregor

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                    <p style="line-height: 20.8px;">Mixed martial arts can elevate the human character and soul, if approached properly. However, mutual respect and dignity do not put asses in seats, and therefore dollars in the purse. Trash talk does.</p>

Nova Uniao founder Andre Pederneiras, is enormously respected for his honorable approach to character building, but in 2014, he announced his team was adopting a new policy.

"People have to understand that there are two side now in the MMA of today, mostly in the UFC: the sporty side and the business side," said Pederneiras to Combate , as translated byFernando Arbex for BE. "I've always learned and passed to all my athletes that you have to respect your opponent, even if you have beat the hell out of him. You always have to be polite and treat him in the best way. But this model is not attractive for the business side. You see people having title shots by talking a lot. I can say that it's wrong? I can't. By the business side, it's absolutely right. By the sporty side, it's wrong. As as coach and professor, I don't want to see my fighter doing trash talking and have altercations with other guys. I want him to be a UFC champion, but also be a good person, to be polite and learn things for the rest of his life. However, we'll have a meeting here to talk about the business side. We are in a dilemma. You have to enter in a fight thinking about the show or other guys will pass you."

Now Nova Uniao stars talk trash. Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo signed to fight Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 on July 11 and within days Aldo was telling reporters that Edgar was no better than he was when the pair fought in 2013.

However, trash talk is a skill, and by Edgar's telling, not one that Aldo possess in abundance.

"You're seeing it across the board in all weight classes," said Edgar to Shaun Al-Shatti for MMA Fighting. "Guys are getting more vocal. They're just seeing what it's done for Conor, so they're trying to kind of make their voice heard. I think that's what Aldo is doing.

"Arguably, you could say I haven't lost a round since me and Aldo fought. He's just been in some either pretty boring (fights), or wars since our fight. So, I think I'm the one who looks like he's evolved more than Aldo has. So yeah, I don't know. I think he's just talking the fight up."

Aldo said he "easily" decisioned Edgar, and that he did so with one arm, due to an injury. Edgar was not impressed.

"People are trying to talk," answered 'The Answer'. "He's just not that great at doing it, you know?

"He's just trying to create buzz, and I get what he's trying to do, but we all know he doesn't fight injured. The guy pulls out of fights every other fight, so he definitely doesn't fight injured. So we can just throw that one away. And everybody talks about how our fight was close. He wants to sit there and have this false sense of security? Maybe that's why he's trying to talk like this, because he's dealing with this knockout loss. But, by all means, go ahead and go in there super confident."

"I'm getting much more comfortable in my fights. I feel like I'm much better since we fought three years ago, or over three years ago now. I'm coming into my own in every aspect. I'm kind of finding my feet and hitting with some power. My wrestling and my ground-and-pound is much better. I'm going to go in, just be myself, foot on the gas.

"Whether by grinding him for five rounds or putting him away in the first, I want to show everyone that I came prepared and I'm the best fighter in the world."

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Frankie will win this time Phone Post 3.0

Frankie will have the FW strap by the end of the year. Then drop to BW for a fight with Cruz. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I have a funny feeling Franky takes this. Phone Post 3.0

I feel like Aldo is just a bad matchup for Edgar. Aldo has some of the best TDD and while both have great standup, I think Aldo packs more power.

I could be wrong, and maybe Mendes and Aldo ground each other down enough in their war + both getting finished with strikes by McGregor that Edgar can also put both away, but I just have a funny feeling Aldo wins a close but clear decision. Phone Post 3.0

Talking trash or talking well in general makes you more money. You don't want to talk trash, cool.., but don't hate on the other people trying to build hype and bring eyes to their fight. Phone Post 3.0

I actually thought Frankie won the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds against Aldo. The 3rd was the deciding round, and it was really close. Close fight. Phone Post 3.0

I feel bad for Frankie because I think he is going to lose this fight. I think he would've beaten Conor easily, but having t go through Aldo to do it is going to be tough.

Hopefully Conor sacks up and gives Aldo his rematch if he beats Frankie. It would really suck if Aldo never gets a chance to avenge that loss. Phone Post 3.0

Frankie does seem more improved and has momentum on his side. Phone Post 3.0

Frankie will starch Aldo as Stephens will starch Renan Phone Post 3.0

Can't wait to see that Santa maronas guys comment #brazilbutthurt Phone Post 3.0

Frankie is going to TKO Aldo this time.

Conor stole Aldo's soul and has ruined him.

Hopefully then we get to see Conor vs. Frankie ASAP Phone Post 3.0