Edgar/Maynard will be EPIC

Two much more evolved fighters than most give them credit for being. Edgar isn't called "the Answer" for nothing. Maynard will have his hands full trying to take and keep Edgar down. Edgar by exciting 5 round UD, provided he can stay on his feet for most of the fight.

 agree as well

haters are going to hate no matter what

Should be a decent match up.  Although, there is no guaranteed excitement as you had alluded to, this bout definitely has the potential to be a highly exciting fight.

At least I wont have to waste one of my ambiens that night Phone Post

 Agreed. People are bitching profusely about this fight because of their respective styles, however I am extremely excited because they are a few of the brightest LW prospects in years, in terms of consistency.    

There have been many more exciting LW's, but the way these two absolutely dismantled the guys who just about a year ago were unstoppable machines clashing for the strap at UFC 101 is simply outstanding! 

I think a majority of the hate stems from BJ Penn fans who are pissed off that their favorite fighter got demolished twice by someone who just a year ago was mid-carding on UFN's. 

I will not state that they possess the most attractive and exciting fighting styles: they don't. But the fact of the matter is they both worked their asses off to beat several outstanding fighters to get here.

The LW division is still exciting, we might be looking at Gomi-Penn II; not to mention guys like Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez who are making huge waves outside of the UFC. 

Face it, Maynard holds wins over Roger Huerta, Nate Diaz, Kenny Florian as well as Frankie Edgar himself.

Edgar holds wins over Hermes Franca, Sean Sherk, Tyson Griffin and BJ Penn. 

They are the future; deal with it.



TTT for an epic fight!

Legkick to the Head -  agree as well

haters are going to hate no matter what

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epic fight indeed

Droppin Loads On Your Face Son - Great Fight, cannot wait

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