Edgar Won All 5 Rounds

Don't listen to commentary...

Douglas Crosby? Phone Post

bcolflesh - Don't listen to commentary...

 Maybe because of takedowns. I still think Ben has this.

Judging errors - shameful.

lol. are you serious? edgar lost all 5 IMO

What fight I'd you just watch you dingdong Phone Post

Edggar won Phone Post

 Rocky 4.

Not sure if serious?

MahatmaPetey - Douglas Crosby? Phone Post

lol Phone Post


U r crazy Phone Post

Edgar's obviously not the guy with the bleeding face and swollen eye right? As opposed to the guy without a scratch of damage anywhere.

He is talking about the biased commentary you all should delete your accounts.

These 14 year olds on the ug....


No Phone Post

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Jei -  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahaa

No Phone Post

Jons Forsberg - I gave Bendo the 2nd solely based on that upkick, and the 5th based on the last 30seconds. Bendo didn't do enough to win the JD.

Same. Phone Post