Edson Barboza on title shot, Terry Etim

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Here's our interview with UFC 142 main card fighter Edson Barboza. Talks about his fight with Terry Etim, title shot, and more:

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You've won two consecutive Fight of the Night bonuses. Do you think that, in combination with Terry Etim’s fighting style, you have a good chance at getting another FOTN bonus at UFC 142?

I don't know man. I always train to do my best inside the octagon. I like to do all that I'm able to do and provide a great show for my fans. I was blessed in my last two fights with the bonuses, but I'm focused on giving my best and doing my own thing in there. The rest, only God knows.

Do you think you have the best striking in the UFC Lightweight division? Do you feel like this is your main strength against Etim?

Man, in this division, it is really difficult to say. There are a lot of great fighters in the UFC lightweight division, but I'm up there. I think I can be one of the best strikers in that division. I have been training Muay Thai since I was eight years old, and I feel more comfortable fighting stand-up. So, of course, this is my main strength.

Do you think that a victory over Terry Etim would place you in the mix for a title shot?

I hope so. But, first of all, I'm focused on my next fight now. I want to do my job, put on great fights and give the UFC the opportunity to consider me, one day, for a title fight. But, I know it is step by step. I'm a professional, I want to keep fighting and I want to be fighting against the best fighters in the world.


WAR Terry Etim

White Mike Tyson - Anton, thanks for this but jeez this guy doesn't half give cookie cutter, cardboard answers to questions!

"I'm not looking past my opponent"

"It's up to god"

"Training is going great"

They must be the three most commonly said sentences in MMA.

 Yeah... tell me about it :) But this is how fighters usually talk. Between the lines, you can get the whole picture, tho.

Ross beat him, Terry will claim revenge for Englishmen and Pearson fans alike.


 Both guys are great but I gotta go with Barboza by being a bit better at striking. 

3rdLion - Ross beat him, Terry will claim revenge for Englishmen and Pearson fans alike.