Edson Barboza vs. Beneil Dariush

Up next... I got Barboza 


Let's do this Dariush!

Go Barboza!!!



Dariush looks flimsy about the upper body region.

Therefore I must go with Barboza.

Fucking love Joe Martinez, been saying for years he should be announcing in the UFC.

Maia the ref related to Demian?

I thought Barbour fought out of NJ?  Did he move his family to Brazil, or just change the announcement since he is fighting in Brazil?


Ouch @ that leg kick.

Dariush breathing heavy?

1-0 dariush

10-9 Dariush

nice hands on Dariush, good kicks too.

FreightTrain - Dariush breathing heavy?

Daruish always gets tired in Rd 1. He'll come out and beat up Barboza in Rd 1, then turn into a punching bag for 2 and 3.

Barboza nice foot work, moving in and out of strike range.

Dariush looked to slightly slow down at end. Barboza needs to leg kick and I think that's his adjustment