Eduardo Telles - Height and weight??

Does anyone know how tall Eduardo Telles is, Also, what weight he competes at?? He looks extremly strong. I like his sweeping game

im not exactly sure, but i met him in 2006 in barra during the mundials and he was at least 6"3 and well into the 90kgs. he isnt a small man

are you sure 6'3"??? He looked alot shorter then that

Standing next to him he is about the same size as I am roughly 6'2" 200lbs.

lol, i love these threads.

He came to Roger's once and having stood next to him on the mat, he seemed smaller than me (and at that time i was 6'2'' and 93kgs). Obv i am still 6'2'' but am a little lighter now :o)

No doubt the next posters will have him billed as 6'6'', 5'10'' and 4'5 1/2 :o)