EFC 3 DVD's Now Available

To order, please email me. Or call my cell at 602 463 9973




Thanks, JM @ Well Done Productions

Thanks, bro


But the guy on the back looks like goat boy


Damn,I thought this thread was going to be about the old Battlecade event

Dude, nothing is more romo than getting an MMA company's name on your body. What are you, a billboard?

Miller, who cares? Pick it up anyways

"Damn,I thought this thread was going to be about the old Battlecade event "

Me too, I picked up #1 and #2 on DVD at BestBuy for $6 each.

Yes, Mr. T's memorable contributions are all included on #1.

Thanks, bro. And I thought it was the weak point LOL

Bullshit, I don't even wear ADIDAS. And I never keep my freak on a leash

"Miller, who cares? Pick it up anyways "

Why?Who's in it and what makes it worth picking up?I've yet to hear anythign about this event and need more info before I consider putting my money into it.


For $15, and some good fights, it's worth it. Ray Elbe, Del Hawkins, Randy Lavrar, Keith Winters, Josh Hinger, Joe Vigil, all great fights. Up and coming guys who are gonna make noise in the future.

When we were posting some last minute threads about the show, one of us wanted to put up, since it was only $10 for tickets: "Our ticket prices are so low, you'd think we've suffered brain damage."

Sadly I think that's already happened to a few of us...lol


Thanks,That makes it more appealing with a little info

Oh, then screw you

JM whats your home page again?



JM- you got mail. Thanks George