EGO Grappling Highlight (vid)

Fantastic fast paced grappling....



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ttt thanks.


nice vid

Wow Wilson reis is a stud!
Who does he train with?

Nice HL

Who is the crazy leg lock guy?


The guy at 4:30 should have tapped multiple times before he finally got hooked hard.

Wow, some of those exchanges between Reis and Hall were incredible. Awesome video.

Jaw drops Fucking amazing video, such high intensity grappling.

TTT for Wilson and Ryan! Two of my favorite training partners.

Sputniik- Wilson is a black belt from Godoi JJ in Sao Paulo Brazil, but splits his time between Brazil and BJJ United in Philly.




The leg lock attempt @ 5:54 was awesome.

Ryan Hall's guard work is amazing...

shoots wad

wow!!!! that was some intense grappling. great flexibility

You can Download the full matches and Highlight here: