Elbow Question for medical/experts

My left elbow got armbarred about 5 years ago - I tapped but the armbar was cranked and popped twice I think. Since then I had elbow problems that went away for the most part then came back. I got a prolotherapy injection which helped a bit. Problem is now BOTH elbows right and left have the same pain on the inside bone (if my hand was palm up, directly down from where my pinkee is) which is sensitive to the touch. It definitely gets worse if I am training more than usual. Is this a classic case of tendinitis or something else? What can I do to alleviate/help the problem? Any exercises, etc? Thanks!!!

Sounds like it, but may be related to long-term residual muscle tension too.  This tension may be injury-related or due to your diet, or both.  Not enough info to tell.

I've seen people have major improvements in similar issues by taking mineral supplements.  Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are the major ones for the stuff I've seen, though a good multi-mineral will do if it has significant quantities of these.

Since there is usually more to it, I recommend having a kinesiologist check it out.  I use Scott Sonnon's "Warrior Wellness" for my own soreness issues, but I can't say it's a substitute for a medical exam.

For info on Warrior Wellness, check my first post in the "Arm not straight" thread on this forum.  There's a link there.

Good luck!


thanks for the recommendation. If you could e-mail me your contact info (abood23@hotmail.com) I will try to get you the 10% future discount for the recommendation as listed on the site. thanks!

Bro - thanks for the offer, but I'm pretty well set for now.  Scott has a lot of my money and I'm a much happier man for it. 

Have a great holiday weekend and good luck with the elbow!


Could it also be caused by an increase in exercise load on that area? I had a simular problem but was never armbarred or anything. The only thing was a huge increase in load when I ramped up my training, 20+ hours of jiujitsu and mad pull ups and dips.