Elbow range of motion

My elbow has probably been hyperextended 5-6 times over the last 10 years and my range of motion has decreased in both ends of the range: cannot make it 180' straight nor bend it all the way.

Is there any way to get that range back?

My left elbow is has lost range of motion as you wrote, but i did get mine to extend more, i still can't get it completely straight, but it's a lot closer now than it was.

All i did was extend my arm as far as possible, and set my elbow on something, then put pressure on my hand, forcing it straighter. I had to start with very little pressure because it hurt so much, but i did it a few times a day while watching t.v. or relaxing.

My range of motion has increased, however i still have pain in the joint when it's close to either end of the range.

Same thing with me. You need to do stretching exercises using weights. Such as hang from a tree limb, put your arm in the kimora position or a partial kimora position to start with and hold a dumbbell in your hand, keeping your wrist straight until your arm is on the floor.

I can't extend or bend my elbow all the way.  I have arthritis in the joint and had to have arthroscopic surgery in order to clean bits of bone out of the joint.  However, I still don't have my range of motion back.

I was told by several orthopedists is that the elbow doesn't always recover well from injury.  If you lose your range of motion for a long period of time, the capsule and tendons can tighten up, which as known as a contracture.  It is difficult to get the range of motion back.  Find a good elbow surgeon.  Where do you live?