Elbow tendonitis

I think i am starting to develop tendonitis in my left elbow. Do those wraps people put on their forearms work? Is there anything else that can be done to correct this?

ttt for opinions on the brace.


This is what I used after trying a couple of other bands that the doctor gave me. This thing worked like a charm.

Yeah, the braces do wonders. Essentially what they do it sit over the muscle belly and deload it, which in turn takes pressure off the tendon. The tendonitis is an overuse injury, so by deloading the muscle belly and subsequent tendon it helps prevent further aggravtation and allows natural healing to occur.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I bought a wrap at the drug store, but it feels uncomfortable so i dont use it. The one u put up boxingfan looks more comfortable...thnaks.

BTW, whats the deal with the magnet therapy? Does it really do anything?

Thanks again,

I've had a lot of experience with elbow tendonitis in both elbows. I've been in good shape for about six months now.
Maybe I got armbarred enough to really stretch them out.

Anyway, the bands do work. But I actually got more relief from a wrap that fit tightly both above and below the elbow and fastened with velcro. I got it at Walgreen's Drug store. Also avoid anything that sends shock up the arm like punching a bag.

See if you can get a prescription for Indomethacin, or its also called Novamethacin. I had golfers elbow really bad for the last year. Tried naproxen......did nothing. Normally taking bromelain on a regular basis, would keep it in check. However, working out more, and it flared up. Started taking indomethacin, 25mg, 3 times a day, and in 3 days, what a world of difference.
This stuff really works for me!!

gaittec, the physio practise i work at gives those to patients all the time and we get a lot of really good feedback about them!

What is the difference between indomethacin and naproxen? I've tried celebrex and vioxx and have not noticed any difference between those and naproxen. So what makes indomethacin different?

Im not sure what the difference is.......but for me, naproxen just didnt work. I tried Aleve ( which just contains naproxen, as well ), and naproxen pills at 200 mg. Nothing! Like I said, I have been taking these for 3 days, and noticed a huge difference.
Not everybody will respond to each drug the same way, but for me......this really works.