Elite boxers interested in MMA

Cintron offered to fight Sherk in the UFC, this is huge

When was the last time an elite boxer offered to fight MMA? I don't mean washed up guys but young elite boxers of today?

this is a great thing, I would love to see MMA take more elite athletes away from other sports, this is a good thing IMO

Jeremy Williams (the boxer).

Williams is no longer in the prime of his career.

Cintron is a top 5 147 pounder in the prime of his career.

yeah I mean a guy who is ranked by say ring magazine

Stepahne Ouellete tried.. He was the world champ at one time.

Former bantamweight champ Victor Rabanales fought in DEEP and was quickly submitted...And former World Heavyweight Champion Francios Botha fought MMA rules in K-1 and was quickly submitted

If by owned, you mean he lost a decision, then you are correct.


Very good.