Elite XC Kimbo vs Shamrock posters

 Anybody that wants them... $20 each shipping included, MINT condition I have 7 for sale here, or they will be locked away for a long time..... LAST SHOW, BADASS looking Poster, Shammy is on it and NEVER fought...

I'll take one


 6 left, I'm going to be gone all day today... pic is going to have to wait but for $20 youre crazy not to grab one. It's by far EliteXC's BEST poster ever. It has Ken and Kimbo big at the top all mean looking and it says "Heat" in white beneath them. Flames around and bottom right is Jake Sheilds, bottom left is Gina Carrano lookin good and Paul "Semtex" Daley... Worth the $20 by far, this I can say for sure, most of their posters sucked ass but this has three things going for it... #1.) It's the last EVER EXC poster and it has the CBS logo on it, #2.) Ken Shamrock is on it and he never fought Kimbo, #3.) The poster looks cool! c'mon! what can you buy for $20 AND i'm paying for shipping... no-brainer imo

 FP - I'll take one, let me know how much you need to cover shipping costs to the U.K

i'll take one for $20

2 left!

WWE i have your addy...

PrideFC $5 will cover the overseas shipping and I have your addy also...

bjj pm me with the addy...

One left!!!

Please paypal me asap so I can get all of these out at the same time. I would like to ship all out Friday!

 ALL GONE, now pay up so I can ship them......lol!

 All posters shipped today. If you didnt pay, i didnt ship and the posters are all gone now sorry...

I shipped:

PrideFC rip







thanks again FP