EliteXC and UFC "I love them both"

I think that competition is healthy and that there is definitely room for both organizations. UFC has definitely been around... and have an excellent stable of fighters. EliteXC is building their stable of male fighters but definitely have an advantage in that they are showing casing female athletes...I like how the EliteXC promoter gave both fighters a winning purse after an accidental foul. I've also seen Dana White do similar things with TUF athletes.
UFC and EliteXC...keep up the good work...:) This is a win win situatio;n for the athletes...and I wish you both the best...

I honestly do. I mean these two Orgs fighting is only good for the MMA fan, they will both try to outdo eachother.

Im a MMA fan period. Whether it be Jorge Mad boxing some dude up in the backyard, or Matt huges fighting GSP