EliteXC and UFC

How many times did they make mention of UFC and UFC fighters last night? Even if they were trying to belittle the UFC fighters, they did a terrible job.

I dont really recall UFC ever willingly throwing out names of rival promos and their fighters.

Good call man..I must be a tuf noob because I said UFC doesnt mention rival orgs. Ya got me big guy.

I bet you even puffed your chest out alittle after that and felt really good that you thought you zinged someone.

Wait just a damn sec....I'm a tuf noob but I knew about EliteXC and Strikeforce last night. Now how the hell did that happen? It wasnt mentioned on TUF or any of the past UFCs. I must have been confused and assumed EliteXC and Strikeforce was just the name of this UFC ppv.


Nice kick Cemetary

BTW nice post Blaf. Good call.