EliteXC had a chance

EliteXC had a chance, to be a good organization. They just went about things the wrong way. Instead of marketing themsleves around exciting fights, they put all their eggs in one basket. That one basket being an unskilled street brawler.

I really enjoy their fights, minus the shady happenings in the Kimbo Fights. Last nights fights were especially good. But even before last night you had the Lawler/Smith fights, the Carano/Young fight, Diaz fights, and others. I can't help but think that we would be talking about how good the fights were last night, rather then about how Elite XC is now screwed without Kimbo.

straight from ariel...the show seems very unprofessional.

* We have just returned from the EliteXC weigh-ins at The BankAtlantic Center and what a roller coaster ride it was. First, they started close to 45 minutes late as the whole thing was incredibly disorganized. In fact, these were the most disorganized ones I have ever been too. All the fighters were filling out their paperwork in front of the crowd on the stage, Entourages (mostly Kimbo's) all over the place etc. Just complete mayhem.

* Speaking of mayhem, the weigh-ins themselves had plenty of that as Jake Shields-Paul Daley and Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock both tussled a little bit. The main event fracas was funny because instead of going face-to-face with Shamrock, Kimbo gave him his back which prompted Shamrock to push Kimbo. Then Kimbo's entourage stepped in and all hell broke loose. This wasn't Tyson-Lewis-esque but still good nonetheless. It was interesting to watch the EliteXC officials try to break it up because you know they must be smiling deep down as this can only help their cause.

* Meanwhile, the weigh-in everyone was waiting for had it's fair share of drama too as Gina Carano needed three tries to tip the scale at the 141-pound limit. There's no excuse for failing to make weight and Carano must figure this problem out, but, honestly, the whole scene was a little creepy. I mean, just watching an embarrassed Carano strip while the fan's in attendance whistled at her was a strange. Even stranger was the fact that her dad was one of the people holding up the towel as she weighed in naked (at least I think she was). Thankfully, in the end, she made weight but, sheesh, are we really going to have to go through this every time?


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