Elvis HURT Bizping!!!!

hi guy\'s......sup sup?? Lol. Back.......bet you missed me!!

Well I am just here to say that it is a FACT that my predictian came TRUE.....elvis did indeed HURT bizping with that knee. WOW. elvis that was so close they better have you back ASAP.....lets see elvis fight with lyotto maybe then for the 1st time his oponent will not have a HUGE weight adv.!

whee doggie!! elvis you looked great....keep training hard champ we will see you back! get the BELT in cage rage!

You called it!  Congrats!!

ELVIS will HURT bizping!

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You need to rewatch it....

Don't rain on his parade. He seems genuinely happy.

Bisping has some holes on the feet, and certainly isn't going to be able to resort to plan b once he is matched up against a guy who is too much for him on the feet, and a better wrestler. Frightening to think what Sugar Rashad would do to him.

Lol! well here come the hater's.....riddle me this hater's....what have you done that is SO great??? elvis is in the UFC and WILL be cage rage champ if they will give him the fight's......take it to the bank. gee i was allready right like one round brown said give me a break!!

who next for ELVIS??? i would like to see him fight the vanila gorila loudunne sincade(sp??) from TUF 1....

Elvis had a few moments even after he took a ton of abuse.

I'm glad the ref stopped it when he did.

gokartmotzart not the whole fight but woo wee he sure was CLOSe to that arm hold......seriously i think that ELVIS is one of the best fighters out there and definately the best on THIS chat.....and theres some great fighters here as you know. i think elvis feel's the same way but is feeling frustratian w his bad luck.....when does he get a break??? jeez

Elvis will fight his own Mom!! One of the good reps of the sport!!

"Elvis looked great in the fight. He dominated the entire fight."

lol, i was surprised when he got that knee and went for that kimura, i was actually thinking they might stop that in the 1st round, that ground and pound was pretty nasty....props to elvis for hanging in there.

War Elvis!

Agreed, props for the King!

"who next for ELVIS??? i would like to see him fight the vanila gorila loudunne sincade(sp??) from TUF 1...."

This would easily headline an event in Eastern Oklahoma.