Elvis to fight MMA in Australia

Rumour or Truth -Elvis Sinosic superfight in OZ 2004

There is speculation that Elvis Sinosic has signed to fight MMA against another International BJJ and MMA star this year in Australia. Stay tuned for the big news.

Elvis vs Travern is what i have heard

all hail to the king!!!

any idea on when this will be and on whos show?

id imagine the new show on the north coast here in australia

MMA by gangland beatdown!!!

OK seriously, this is MASSIVE news!!!!

Sinosic vs Travern would be a technical war!!!!

Good luck mate!


Cat, bag..... OUT!

CAt out of the bag indeed.
Can we get some official verification, who is running this show??????????

Either way go ROBERTO TRAVEN
Cant wait to see a 2 time Mundial absoloute champion and Abu Dhabi Absoloute Champion at work

whats the date?

Go Roberto!

Hang on a second , Justin said Elvis was to scared to fight ???

I dont understand

p.s I personally think this is a great matchup , should be a very technical match

Now Aaron, dont be like that :)

Wow, sounds like a great match. Hope I get to see it!


I'd be surprised if they let your kind in

Sinosic v Bonello ????

Via Traven, from your friend is Canada!!!

Vince Niagarabjj.ca home of Ze Mario Esfiha!!!

if is that for sure i wish my friend and instructor the best.... Esfiha

Visit the news site on www.sinosicperosh.com.au

He has already mentioned a fight with an unnamed Korean opponent.

Any more fights on the card?

Is the date confirmed?

Keen to head up, but there is no "official" announcement yet.

Dont want to book some tickets on an internet rumour.

Tony, any chance of getting the promoter on here to fill in some details? Maybe a link to some sdvertising.....

Think there is a big chance of an 80kg match featuring two very talented and experienced Aussie fighters!!!!

Stay tuned!!!


"Think there is a big chance of an 80kg match featuring two very talented and experienced Aussie fighters!!!!"

We'll see ;)