I tried !!! I tried !!! I lasted 1.5 days. I can't live without adoring you !!!! I tried to swear off being a kamakazi fan. I was the toughest resolution I've ever had to make. I swore to never mention your name or how great you are to ANY man I ever met, cause I'm getting sick of alienating them, however I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!!! I HAVE to talk about you and your shoulders and God, the way you fight!

Phew! That feels better.

You could try Elvis Anonymous session... :)


Come on Gorgeous pull yourself together. Even Justin and Bonello have lasted longer than you have. :)


I feel sick...

Anyone seen the movie or read the book Misery? Be careful Elvis!

Elvis just get a room and sort this poor girl out.

get a room? i'm seeing a scene from 'misery' there :p hehe

just do not let her tie you to the bed, or she may pull out a sledge hammer

Tie Elvis to a bed! Why would I do that?

Yeah it would be chains

Guess I could paint his toe nails *ANY* *COLOUR* *I* *WANT*?

better get a restraining order Elvis... before she puts one on you ;)


You go girl... :)

I'd have to say no to the toe nails, I used to paint them for comps, but it's not my thing anymore... :p


Now Elvis uses the high heels instead, lol... jks :) ;)

How about a nice temptoo?

(Sure you're joking MMAFun.)

I think a really dark gold would work quite well with your really lush robe. Not black. Just something that glistens as you walk out into the light.

...should you ever decided that it's your thing again... :)

*dreams of Elvis flying in the sky shining*

*druels on pillow*