Employers, Give CRE a JOB Please

So he can stop creating 14 threads per day. Thanks. His cover letter and resume are pending.

How many of you UGers are business owners/entrepreneurs? If you are, can you find it in your heart to provide CRE with an opportunity to work for you? I am confident that he can be an asset to your staff and will be a good match for your community. Thanks in advance.

god damn, you remember almost every thread.



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I think Kirik does employ Cre !

"matt perry reference"

OOOHHHH I get it now. Duh, my bad. I didn't even notice that.

lol yeah, japetto. God knows how many people have probably ignored me through the years.

All Yours ETR !

UM, HKP imo

lol you guys are dorks!

Nice the way the second fudge packing pic removed the creator's tag.

What do you mean? Let's pretend we're not all internet savvy computer geeks for a moment. :)