Ending of the first ever UFC Primetime: GSP vs. BJ



Who else remembers this?


Crazy to think that we are now at a point where GSP doesn't fight and people are hoping that BJ doesn't fight.

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I still remember the lead up to the fight and the fight itself that night. I remember the interview where BJ said he was going to kill George lol. Greasegate that followed afterwards and everything. It's crazy how much time has passed and where everyone is now. Imagine in 5-10 more years.

Till da death Georges...

George took BJ into the deep end that night, and BJ wilted. His corner didnt help either by just being a cheerleader squad.

I remember the video showing evidence that GSP was greased up

To da fort round George. To da fort round!

I remember people on here saying GSP wouldn't have a wrestling advantage.