Energy Braclets in Alberta

 You've seen them being worn by UFC fighters, and now they are in Alberta too.

I just recieved a limited supply, if you would like one please email me or stop by my club.

I have seen several Blackbelts wear these when I was in Brazil this summer, asked all the questions and did some sample tests with it.

At first I was thinking placebo, shanegans, etc...  but the bracelet yeilded positive results with myself and near everyone the I saw use them.  Can't argue with that.

If you would like to get one they are only $25 each, definately worth it (I spend more than than a week on Rockstar).

12730 St. Albert Trail



Tv news story on them:

Friend them on facebook at:!/pages/Energy-Armor/116490398407909

Mike Yackulic

 lol @ negative ions.  EVERYONE knows that POSITIVE ions is where its at.

No offense but, WTF?

In Australia Power Balance has been proven in court to have lied about their claims. They're legally being forced to publish in the media that there's "no credible scientific evidence that supports [their] claims and therefore [they] engaged in misleading conduct."

Boom, headshot.

The belief in unscientific placebo's like these bracelets may seem harmless but... In various parts of Africa it's believed that powdered albino organs can vastly improve your health. Thats right -- people have taken the pepsi challenge by snorting powdered albino organs and they believe it makes them feel stronger and healthier. They believe in this magic powder -- the demand for it is strong that albinos are being hunted down and killed for it.

Screw albino powder and screw power bracelets.

If the general population accepts that power bracelets make them feel stronger the next marketing step is for them to be sold as medical aid.

Don't believe me? Check out this asshole on Dragons Den who pitched homeopathic silver water as being being able to cure cancer. This is the road we start traveling down when we ignore scientific testing and rely on a nebulous feeling of 'better'!

Placebo effects.. they work wonders.

A few people had these at a gym I train at in California. They demonstrated the miraculous effect of increased ROM with the bracelet.

Skeptical as always, I tested my hypothesis that it was bullshit by demonstrating the same miraculous increase in ROM by using simple repetition.

So, if you'd like, you can send me $25 and I'll tell you how to do something twice.