England Rugby international player talks MMA

 UFC caught up with James Haskell to chat about how he uses MMA in his rugby training, and why he feels that this training has given him a unique edge, and helped him to succeed on the pitch.


Lol whats that about Matt Stevens being National wrestling champion? Is that true?

 No idea.

 Great article. always makes me happy when I see Hathaway's name mentioned. UK's best ambassador for the sport and a great lad. It's great how far he has got and he is still very, very young


Chris Haseman was training the Brisbane Broncos in grappling and MMA-related conditioning from the late 90s.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of MMA training in Rugby League led to the infamous (and subsequently banned) 'grapple tackle', where players would use gi chokes on tackled opponents:

Haha that's pretty fucked up.... and cool Phone Post