english holddown

Ok, I was watching the Titan games, When Brian Olson was going for the arm bar, I saw two of the ref use the show the hold down signal when he was in the english hold down. I heard that was not a legal hold down any more. any feed back.
Thanks in advance judo

are you from new jersey, judo8520? As in 08520?

If they banned it, it's just silly. They already changed the rules to the point that there are spetial ref meetings where they try to decide what the hell to do with the rules and many still don't know.

What's the English hold down?

That's stupid.

stickyfoot - Check the front cover of "Advanced Judo Newaza"...

You mean this one:


I believe it's called the "english hold-down" because it was  popularized by British judoka Neil Eckersley (-60kg), although I've also heard it referred to as "Eckersley gatame"



I remember reading somewhere that this holddown was called Ecky-gatame after Nick Eckersley, until the IJF formally named it Uki-gatame - I think it was in the Masterclass book Osaekomi.

it is a legit holddown, but you MUST have some form of downward pressure coming from the front of your body down onto the opponent.. in other words, if your upper body is verticle it isnt a hold down, you must turn your chest down so that your body almost forms the letter C (with your legs forming the bottom part of the C)...

i hope that explains it.

Sorry not from Jersey, Its just eay to type on the keyboard