Enson Fights This Weekend

Love him or hate him, Enson Inoue is fighting this weekend here in Honolulu. We have been good friends for many years, and his fighting attitude is one to be admired. His is one of total committment. He is in Hawaii now, and is in great shape. We discussed his strategy yesterday and this is going to be a great fight. (He fights Tommy "Trauma" Sauer.) I am sure it will be an exciting match. More later. Aloha!

I know Tom pretty well. Tom is very strong and quite the brawler. He is a super nice guy outside the ring as well.


One of the guys I train with is fighting on this card.
He's facing Tetsuji Kato... who I believe is one of Enson's guys.

Aloha from sunny Cleveland!


Aloha... I hope that all is well!

I was wondering if u could help me with something? I hear that Enson stops by BK quite often and I would like to have him in for an impromptu workshop. Would u pass me his e-mail or give him the message for me? I met him in Tokyo with our mutual friend Henry Lin...

Thank You

Good luck to enson, kick some ass!

Hey Rory,
I have seen tape of Tom and he is very, very tough. Should be an awesome fight.

Kevin, good luck to your friend. I wish you could be out here in Hawaii.

Great to hear from you. I will tell Enson after his fight. I hope all is well with you and your schools. Aloha!

"Kevin, good luck to your friend."

Thanks Bro!

"I wish you could be out here in Hawaii."

Me too... me too.

Will you be in his corner Mr. Richardson?

Egan will corner Enson. The whole night of fights should be very good. The main event is shaping up to be a barn burner! Good luck to all the fighters. Aloha!

Well, Tom beat Enson. Enson had a couple nice armbar attempts which Tom countered well. Congrats to Tom on a very professional fight. Aloha!


No, Tom mounted Enson and Enson did not try to escape. He extended his arm (I presume to bait the armbar attempt) and Tom punched Enson in the head repeatedly. The punches did not seem to bother Enson at all, but after a dozen or so unanswered shots the ref stopped the fight. That is when the riot started, but I think it was a legitimate stoppage.